Dentures and Partials: Are They Right for You?

Missing teeth can lead to serious complications in your mouth. There are plenty of treatment options available for patients to restore their smile and improve the strength of their bite. Dentures and partials in Washington, DC, may be able to help patients with multiple missing teeth. However, they may not be the right treatment option for everyone. After examining your mouth and discussing your cosmetic goals, your dentist can help determine if a denture or partial is right for you.

DENTURES and PARTIALS in Washington, DC could help patients with missing teeth

Who Benefits from Dentures and Partials in Washington, DC

Dentures and partials are removable oral appliances that can restore your smile and help support your bite. Bridges and other fixed oral appliances tend to be preferred by many patients and dentists. However, dentures and partials can be more beneficial for certain patients. 

Patients on a Budget

One of the main benefits of a denture or partial is the cost. Dentures and partials are a much more cost-effective way to restore your bite when missing teeth. Patients who don’t have the financing for a bridge or who aren’t covered by insurance can still improve their smile without breaking the bank. If you take care of your denture or partial properly, it can last you years before you need to replace it. This can help to save you money in the long run.

Patients Who Struggle with At-Home Oral Care

When you get a bridge or other fixed oral appliance, you have to pay extra attention to your at-home oral hygiene. Bridges require you to floss underneath the restoration to help prevent gum disease. Patients who struggle with brushing and flossing routinely or properly may benefit from a denture or partial over a bridge. Because they are removable, dentures and partials can be cleaned at home and in the office more easily.

Patients Considering Additional Treatment

Fixed dental restorations such as implants and bridges are generally recommended by dentists to provide additional jaw support and bite strength. However, deciding to get more permanent restorative treatment isn’t always easy or quick. Patients may need additional time to debate over their treatment, or they may need time to save up the money for extensive treatment. However, the longer you let your mouth go with missing teeth, the more damage it can cause. In these cases, patients may benefit from a temporary denture or partial to help preserve their oral health while seeking additional treatment. 

If you’re missing multiple teeth in your mouth, it’s crucial that you seek treatment as soon as possible. When left untreated, missing teeth can lead to shifting in your remaining teeth, gum disease, and facial sagging. At Foxhall Smiles, we have a variety of treatment options to help treat missing teeth in our patients. Call us today at 202-315-2188 to schedule an appointment. After examining your mouth, your dentist can help determine if a denture or partial is right for you.